Sandra Popescu, CPA, CVAhas been in private practice since 1988 providing a variety of accounting and litigation support services to individuals, attorneys, and small businesses. She has extensive experience assisting clients with a variety of economic issues as a CPA for over 20 years. This diverse background is enhanced with her qualifications to perform business valuations (Certified Valuation Analyst) and training in Collaborative Practice, as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, and as a Mediator. She is uniquely qualified to assist clients in most financial areas involving divorce, economic losses, and business appraisals.For Divorce, her experience encompasses valuing the community business, verifying community assets and debts, tracing assets and income, identifying and analyzing income available for support (including lifestyle analysis), analyzing separate property or community property claims, and analyzing lump sum buy outs for support. She is often jointly engaged as a neutral financial analyst to assist the clients in reaching a settlement. This is when creative solutions which meet the needs of both parties can be entertained.

For Business Valuations, we are often engaged to determine the value of a business for various purposes, including: Divorce Proceedings, Estate Valuations, Purchase or Sale of a Business, Partner Buy Outs, and Other Legal Proceedings.

We are always conscious of the cost of our services and are willing to work with you to limit some of the costly hours involved. We have created an input worksheet that allows the client to participate in the tedious process of collecting the data that our analysis will be based on. The client may use the worksheet to accumulate the data in a format that we can easily assimilate into our system and thus reduce some of the labor fees involved.

In some situations, a full business valuation report may not be needed. For example, in many divorce proceedings one of the parties may operate a small business on a part time basis, or maybe just started the small business out of the community residence. It might not make economic sense to pay for a full valuation. We may be able to provide you an estimate of the range of values after reviewing the data collected in the input worksheet that would meet your needs. Each situation is different so the determination is made on a case by case basis. Most often, the parties will still need to extract the income available for support from the business, which is why our worksheets are set up to accumulate this data. The point is, we are willing to work with you to provide the information you need without going overboard on the cost!